Tash and Cara

Santa's Little Secret


Santa’s Little Secret, digital & social campaign for Nectar

This Christmas Santa’s letting everyone in on his cheeky little secret: Nectar. While everyone thinks he’s the most generous gift giver around he’s actually been doing it for the Nectar points.

He’s fessing up in an open letter and (in the Christmas spirit) giving ALL his points away. To win some, read his confession and answer one of the daily questions correctly.

Promotional cards were sent to Nectar customers, reminding them to take a leaf out of Santa’s book and load up on points this Christmas.


The results:

Over 1 million entries 

2.4 million page visits

FB post engagement rate: 27% (our target was 10%) 

Santa’s letter: average dwell time 1.42 minutes


Agency - iris

CD - Matt Gray & Tommy Allen